Saturday, November 18, 2006

FDA Approved, My Foot!

Lester Crawford former Commissioner FDA pleaded guilty for failing to declare financial holdings in companies regulated by FDA according to British Medical Journal 28.10.2006.Hr owned Pepsico and Sysco stock while being in FDA obesity working group.
Many more like him may still be their in FDA.Vivoxx (rofecoxib) issue showed that FDA lacks transparency.News rgarding Canola oil to brought dicredit to FDA.
The slogan "FDA approved" does not mean any thing to me.Does it mean any thing to you?
Update 0n 27 March2007,
Lester Crawford has been fined 87000 Us dollars,sentenced to two years supervised probation 50 hours of community service.Well done!
Howmany more "Crawfords" are there in FDA? Who knows?


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