Saturday, August 16, 2008


This may interest many of you.It was offered by "Medicina Alternativa" of Sri Lanka.It is the degree awarding institution of Prof.Anton Jayasuriya ("Kara " to me and many seniors in the medical fraternity) It has sessions annualy at BMICH.Kara was deputy diector buildings when I was a DMO.I have nothing against him.He was a charming man and a "revolutionary" of sorts.
He had his acupunture eststablishment in Kalubowila hospital.The GMOA wanted this removed from the hospital but miserably failed.Kara had right connections.It was late JR who made his institution a degree awarding establishment by gazette notification.
The majority of the Medical Council members are from the GMOA.The GMOA tried to deal him a bolw through the medical council.They charge sheeted him for quackery.That is praciice of acupucnture.He did not respond to their letters.The SLMC erased his registration ,acting unilaterally accusing him of not notifying the effective address to the council .
Now he was no more "Dr".Jayasuriya.He wanted to redicule everybody who had the title "Dr". To accompliish this he used foreign influence to get a vast number of titles,like "master
"Lord "etc.All these ( about ten of them) were added in front of his name and a note was added that "Dr" was removed by Sri Lanka Medical Council.
The other strategy was to offer a doctorate to a public figure with a questoinable back ground.His choice was none other than Mev the Perv.W.J.M .Lokubandara was also awarded the doctorate on the same day.He was one of Karas grateful patients. He does not use it.
Secile Kothalawala too got her doctorate from Medicina Alternative but after Karas demise.
I must add that Kara was very clever at acupucture.Thousands benefitted from his treatment.He had great sentiments for any member of medical profession known or unkown to him.He offered full board free of charge to any doctor in his two hotels offered his BMW or the Jaguar for the couple to go away if a doctors offspring or a doctor got married.


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