Sunday, January 28, 2007


Dengue fever was prevalent in Sri Lanka for last decade.The State claimed that they are actively engaged in vector control,namely the control of the Aedes species of mosquito.All cases of dengue fever does not come into light.They are labelled as viral fevers.Only when complcations like dengue hamorrhgic fevr or dengue shock syndrome developes that dengue infection is diagnosed.Thus less than 10 % of dengue infection become known.Chikungunia fever has more significant clincal feature like prolonged joint pains,rash ,itching,sore mouth,muscle pains ,red patches on skin etc. Most of them become clincally known.There was heavy prvalance of the disease paricularly around Colombo.This shows that no control of Aedes species mosqitoes has taken place.However majority of people will get the illness and the community will achieve "herd immunity".The spread will naturally cease. How ever politicians and officials will say "We did it" ! One day they might claim credit even for sun and the moon being thre!


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