Monday, August 25, 2008

Mervin is Correct.GL is Wrong

The whole country is out for Merv the Pervs blood.He is perfectly enitled morally and legally to call himself "Dr."It was awarded to him honuri causa by a instituition empowered by gazette notification to award degrees,namely "medicina
alternativa" the acupucture training establishment of lateProf.Anton Jayasuriya.
GL has no right legally or morally to use the title "professor".True ,he is an ex professor but he was not offered the status of Professor Emeritus by the unversity.Only very few have been offered the status of Professor Emeritus.Few of them are Nandasena Ratnapala( Sociology ,Sri Jayawardanapura University)Carlo Fonseka(Physiology,Colombo University) Hubert Aponso(Paediatrics ,Peradeniya University).In this issue Merv is superior to GL


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