Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buddhism and Science

It is a new trend to to compare Buddhism and science.Ven.Pititduwe Siridhamma ,Dr.D.V.J Harischandra and Prof.Chandana Jayaratna try to verify Buddhist teachings with science.
Science is based on measurements.Time ,mass ,speed and volume is measured.Five human senses are made use to measure.
In Ththagatha dhamma rejects perception of five senses.Time, mass,volume space does not exist in Buddhist doctrine.It cannot be conveyed by words.One should develop a "dhamma chakku" an eye of wisdom to understand the doctrine.It can be done only by consistent radical contemplation (yathabhutha gnana dasana) .
The technique of developing the "wisdom eye" can be explained with words.
It is best for these people to explain the technique of developing the "wisdom eye" rather than
bungling with science which is based on five senses.The Buddhist doctrine totally rejects human cognitive system and condemns it as the source of "avidya" (noscience) the root of greed(lobha) dhosa(hatred) moha (ignorance) known as "akusal mul"cause of all suffering.


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