Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do You Believe in Medical Check-ups?

Doctors call it medical screening.Unless a health system offers screening as one of its integral parts ,they are a good source of income to health industry. Doctors employed by the industry get a good opportunity to create fear psychosis at one to one basis and exploit the client.Health industry generally create fear psychosis through media,both printed and electronic.The doctors appearing in talk shows are sometimes totally unaware that they are being exploited to create fear psychosis.
I will translate the medical statistical outcome of of mammography to lay language for your benefit.
You have to do 2000 mammograms to save one woman dying of breast cancer. In the process ten women who do not have breast cancer will be subject to unnecessary surgery.Two hundred women go off their heads because they are "suspected" to have breast cancer.
Undisputed fact for all this health industry is paid!


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