Sunday, April 14, 2013

Buddhism and What Buddha Taughtl

Majority of Buddhists do not practice what Buddha taught.Buddhism is an English word like communism or nudism.Most of the Buddhists are unaware that they do not know what Buddha taught.
Buddha was neither a social reformer or moralist.He was a seeker of liberation.One does not need temples,priests,rituals or precepts to practice Buddhas doctrine.The so called Buddhists need not be the sole benefactors of the teaching.
Buddha taught a method of undergoing a mental transformation which will relieve you of psychological suffering.In fact all suffering is psychological.We have a cognitive system that consists of an eye,ear,nose,tongue body and the brain.The basic problem is our cognitive system is not efficient enough to make us aware of what really exists.Out of light spectrum the eye cannot see ultra violet and infrared portion.Only the sounds of a limited frequency is audible to the human ear.
The next problem is that every thing in universe changes at such a unimaginable speed that they virtually do not exist or else the time that they exist is immeasurable.This applies to our cognitive system and things it recognises. Neither the cognitive system nor the object it recognises last till the process of recognition is complete.Thus a series of eyes (eye is replaced by a new eye every millionth of a second) and a series of objects (object is replace million times in a second) are collected by the mind using a brain that is replaced million of times in a second.Mind freezes the things that are running.Unawareness of this speed  Buddha called avidya (Ignorance)There are phenomena called seeing,hearing ,tasting .touching and smelling but nothing is seen nothing is heard nothing is tasted nothing is touched and nothing is felt.Similarly there is no one who sees,no one who hears,no one who tastes and no one who touches.Thus there is no one to fall ill no one to grow old,no one to die and no one to suffer.
When one realises this without doubt he is free of suffering and is thus liberated!To achieve this the methodology Buddha recommended was to keep on looking at your own mind thorough out.It is insight meditation.One can engage in insight meditation while working!It does not need temples,priests, rituals or precepts.People who  are liberated do exist.They do not call themselves Buddhists or any other names.They do not go to Media.They do not hold public lectures.They help the spirituality inclined  people even if they are not Buddhists.They sometime speak to small groups.Many liberated individuals are not priests.


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