Saturday, June 30, 2007


In Sri Lanka there is a fast growing heathcare industry.The healthcare industrialist generally gets into debt in putting up the infrastructure.The patients agenda who seeks refuge in these establishments is to get well with least possile time with least possible expenditure.The industrialist is interested to keep him/her as long as possible to see that
she/he spends as much as possible and if possible to cure him in the process.The doctor who serves in the industry has a conflict of loyality.If he is loyal to the patient the industry will not like him.The patient can hardly find out whether the doctor is loyal to him or to the industry.Being "black listed " in the industry is loss of practice thereby loss of income.Thus majority of doctors activate the indutrialists agenda rather than the patients agenda.This has a tremendous negative effect on the cost efectivness of healthcare. Unnecessary invsetigations/treatments /surgical procedures are commonly carried out.
Most patients seek refuge in these establishments because of inadequacy and ineffciency of the State healthcare service.This is a tragic situation experienced by the Sri Lankan patients as only a very small minority of them only are covred by health insurance.


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