Sunday, June 24, 2007

A "Sri Lankan National Formulary" !

The 53rd Edition of British National Formulary(BNF) was out in March 2007.It is published twice a year in March and September.The book fits into a doctors overcoat pocket.
Sri Lanka has about fifty brands of amoxicillin - an antibotic and about fifty brands of diclofenac sodium - a pain killer.UK has only two brands of each of these drugs.It is the same with other drugs.Sri Lanka has large number of brands of every drug This is of no benefit to the docor or the patient. The reason for registering large number of brands is known to the beaurocrats.In fact it causes much confusion in both parties. If a formulary is published all these fifty brands have to included.It will have to be prepared in several volumes and will fit in only to a wheel barrow !


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