Sunday, September 07, 2008

The CJ & the Buddhist Monks

The CJ was correct when he asked the monks to leave courts after they did not rise on arrival of the judges.If I were in CJs postion I would have put them in the cell till the end of court proceedings.
Monks have no business to demand respect once they are in courts.They have volountarily moved into a vulnerable area.
I am a practising Buddhist.The monks are supposed to follow the noble eightfold path one of which is samma sankappa which encompasses non hatred (avyapada)and renounciation(nekkhamma).If one practices renounciation why should one go to courts to protect ones rights.One has given up all ones rights once one has pledged to practice renounciation!
CJ has a profound understsnding on Buddhist doctirine and he is working according to his consience.
Priests( Buddhist) are trying to become a category above the law.They are already two categories above the law already
(1) Politicians
(2) Their goons eg. Kudu Nuwan
We cannot tolerate a third group!


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