Sunday, October 12, 2008


Passing the merit to deceased (punyanumodhana) is impossible according to buddhist doctrine.Merit ,the performer of the mertorious deed,and the deceased are all mental formations (sanskara) nothing can happen between mental formations because a mental formation itself is an illusion.
Buddhist priests are exploiting the sentiments of beraeved for their benefit.Another aspect is not even 1% of priests are converscent with the doctrine.
There is nothing wrong in offering alms.The priest need food.It is just a case of offering a meal, nothing beyond that.
The fact that one has a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy does not meam that he is convercent in the doctrine.The doctorate in fact may be a hindrance.
To impart knowledge of buddhist doctrine language is a poor medium.
One has to prferably practice meidtation guided by a fact it is not knowledge it is a matter of "seeing" for one self.


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