Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Deshmanya Sakwithi Ranasinhe has done the vanishing trick.Deshamanya means pride of the Motherland.So let us be proud about it! Apaarently the guy did not carry the money away from the country.The pathological gambler he is he lost them at casino !
When I was a teenager my father used to tell me people who have gun liscences and those who have been summoned for jury service can be judged as honourable because these are offered only after thorough scrutiny..Gun licence theory I had to reject when all politicians were getting them!Jury service theory may be still valid at least to some extent. Later I learned that All JPs are crooks and that unless you are a crook you will not be made a JP.
But what about Presidential honours?.A'rnt they given after scrutinising the integrity of the subject.Does any mothers son who doles out some money get it?
A good policy is not to have any thing to do with a man who has Presidential honours.He has to be assumed a crook unless proved otherwise


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