Wednesday, October 01, 2008


And of course the slow track is fast! I am talking about the Sri Lankan roads.We have more than 2000 deaths per year on our roads.This is close upon the deaths caused by the North East conflict.The fact is this is highly preventable.And it will not cost us anything.We have to be disciplined.
Road courtesy is non existent.Once a private coach driver in colourful Sinhala when I halted my car at a pedestrian crossing for a pregnant lady to cross.Pregnant as she was she crossed taking a little time.
Violation of low is the rule.The private bus drivers,three Wheeler drivers and the drivers of Prados and Monteros that they have right of the way under all circumstances.People drive cutting the double line in the presence of the police officers.The drivers who drive fast violating the rules are supposed to be popular among the bus commuters.
The traffic cops will signal you to move against red light.Little do they realise that this blunts the driving reflexes cultivated over the years.If police wants to control the traffic they must knock off the traffic lights.The VIP motorcades too should obey traffic rules.
Signals like blinking the head lamps are simply stupid!One feature in all Sri Lankan drivers is that they try to force their way through.This is something they have learned from the politicians.They try to force their way through in all areas of their lives.
In developed coutries even the elderly drive about alone on busy roadways without hassle.In Sri Lanka there will be lot of tooting of horns and flashing of headlights from rear targeting the eldely driver.


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