Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was invited to nine weddings in January 2009.I am about to attend the last one for the month.The gifts cost me around Rs 30000/=I was neglecting my work.Being a teetotaller and a vegetarian I do not enjoy attending weddings.But I maintain equianimity during the whole proceeding.I,some times settle down to insight meditation regardless of the noise of the band or the DJ ,of course with my eyes open.Some times I take "attika sanna" (imagine the skeleton within) looking at well dressed (or is it undressed?) ladies.
I was pondering over this barrage of invitations.Some of them were relatives.Some were friends.Some were patients.Only some were close enough to invite me for weddings.Nowadays some people seem to refuse the wedding invitations considering the cost of attending.Cost of a gift,cloths for wife,hair do ,make up,cost of transport if you do not have your own transport add up.Thus those who are likely to attend are invited .I am a victim.I see I am invited sometimes after the RSVP responds.The invitation is made two days before the event.I am very frequently honoured to be an attesting witness.


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