Sunday, December 21, 2008


In Sri Lanka everything gets ruined because of political agendas.When we got Independence mature ,patriotic people came into politics.Since nineteen seventies those in politics realised that it could be exploited for personal gain.The necessity to to stick on politics propped up.Hence political agendas superseded everything.
Our health care,education,fine arts,sports,transport,diplomatic relations,economy and even war effort to combat terrorism is suffering severe set backs because of political agendas.
Recently when minister of education was speaking over the media about the controversial maths paper of O level examination ,he was using a tone suitable for his political opponents.He is not realising that he is addressing a victimised party ,the students plus the parents.The same was observed when health minister was addressing the media about use of date expired plasma filtration kits in the blood bank.He was using a tone and words suitable for his political opponents.Little did he realised that he was speaking to anxious people utilising State heath care facilities.
Accountability,responsibility patriotism, sacrifice and integrity seems to be words non existent in the vocabularies of politicians and high officials ,not speak of common decency.


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