Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sri Lanka a Nation Political Beings.

There were 23 candidates for presidential election.This is a world record!Nomination of one was rejected.The election comissioneres office with candidates waiting with applications shown on TV reminded of patients waiting to see the doctor in the OPD! And a Buddhist monk too in the foyer.The election commissioner whom I presumed is a Buddhist accepted the papers seated with the priest standing.The commissioner was correct.But it shows how you loose recognition when you are in the wrong place!
We have more than 100 (I have lost the count) in the cabinet.More than 25 MPs have changed sides during the last two years.All these are world records but negative ones.
What does this show the rest of the world?It shows that the people who tolerate and propagate this kind of thing are goats! But Sri Lankans are not goats.Because of some misfortune they are behaving like goats and this has gone on for a few years.It is time we start behave like the lion in our national flag. We cannot do it with a spineless clan like politicians. We need not make the politician and politics so important to us.In fact they are not.We must let them realise it.We have to learn not to invite them as attesting witnesses of weddings, chief guests etc.They should not be given undue prominence in gatherings.
More recognition should be given academics, artists,writers and other intellectuals.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well the pecking order of the country now is the Politicians, Their Families, Their Friends, Their underworld gangs. The common man has no place in anything. So everyone would keep supporting the subhuman political aristocracy and try to be a part of their system for their own benefit.

I feel the people are rather behaving like mindless zombies, with no say of their own. To have a say of their own, they should think with their brains. So I think using the term "Goats" is very apt. I don't think this would change. The new generation is not taught to think, but work like robots in a cut-throat environment. Without free thinkers, how can a nation change.

The politicians will reign till our country self destruct. They will be in a position to leave the country first, the day it all starts caving in. The mindless goats will be the ones still left and will still be fighting with each other.

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