Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Buddhists Need Not Pray

Last Sunday I happened to be at Bellanwila temple as my wife wanted to go there.People in hundreds were praying looking at the Bo tree.They were in fact begging.Their faces were full of anxiety.As a keen student of Dhamma this was a disgusting site to me. A person armed with Buddhas teaching need not beg !
The surroundings has been designed to encourage the begging.We must clearly understand that Buddhism has no solutions for our worldly problems.Buddhists should not expect any thing worldly from his/her spiritual activities.
Buddhist clergy do not educate the Buddhist about this .Some of them are not aware of this fact.Those who are aware take advantage of keeping the Buddhists ignorant.
For a well informed Buddhist ,recovery from illness,passing an examination,unfaithful spouses,non loyal business partners,success in litigation are too trivial things to look for a solution within Buddhas teachings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I have shown previously in one of my comments (Your stupid comment regarding porn and about road accidents) you have no idea about what the hell your talking about. And people think that Doctors are supposed to have a great intellect. Bullshit!

This is the state of the so called modern Sri Lankan. They despise anything and everything that belongs to our sinhala-buddhist culture, trying to analyze everything through western-Judaic-Christian viewpoints. Bodhi puja is not begging, it is a form of meditation.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous YouSaidHi said...

@Annon - Buddhist dont give anything expecting a return. Thats what the great teacher Lord Buddha has told us.
Bodi Puja is a stupid ritual that all lesser minds are doing these days. Also praying every friday, poya day or sunday is the same, stupid.
Also Im pretty sure you condone starting wars because a bunch of bikinis clads were dancing around a statue.
Actually these Judaic-Christian viewpoints are those that say kill in the name of god and you'll go to heaven.
Meditation is not Bodi Pooja you ignorant fuck. Next you'll say that the hindu gods in buddhists temple are there because Lord Buddha said that there is such a thing as an omnipotent Being aka God.
You are ignorant & close-minded & its people like you who were responsible for 30 years of civil war that this country has suffered.

-Because everyone who says that praying every Poya day and go to Dhamma school everyday are the same people who at least break 3 of the 5 precepts. Eating at KFC and going to temple and praying to be able to pass your exams is indeed what the Buddha thought us. Thats sarcasm btw in case you are retarded as you type

@Sri lankan Doctor -You are sir a real Buddhist who lives by the Dhamma.

5:02 AM  
Anonymous YouSaidWho? said...

You have called the first commenter a retard, ignorant, and close minded. In fact it is you who are all of the above mentioned.

You are a retard, since you have not understood anything that the first commenter said. He was talking about buddhism and meditation.
You seem to have no clue about what meditation is, hence you are ignorant. Read a book,educate yourself.
You are close minded, because you are not willing to open your mind towards other possibilities than what you have been taught by the judaic-christian mafia.

Calling a person names or insulting them is not healthy criticism. Grow up.

11:32 AM  
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