Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Artisits

The actors ,singers and painters are commonly called artists.When I was about ten years old there were events called "teetar"in our village.Later I realised it meant "theatre".They were shown in a make shift stage erected in the middle of the village. My mother used to serve an early dinner on the "teeter" nights so that we could go to enjoy it.Most of the actors were from were from the village.Occasionally a lady or two used to visit from outside for the female roles.The actors were known as "teeter karayas".My mother never encouraged us or my father discussing about the ladies who performed the female roles.
The "teeter karayas" were recognised and had a due place in the village.So were the exorcist "bali karayas" who were good drawing and painting.They were given a prominent place in decorating the village temple for religious functions.They used to prepare very creative Veasak decorations.
My father used to represent the village in the village council.The school head master,the Ayurveda physician ,the veda mahattaya and village head man were the decision makers in the village.The head priest of the temple used to guide them.The "teeter karaya" and "bali karaya" used to follow orders.It was a very effective system.
Now "teeters" have been replaced by cinema and television."teeter karayas" and "bali karayas" have become "kala karayas".
In my trade ,medical practice the modern trend is to speak of prostitutes as commercial sex workers or abbreviated to CSW. We have CSW(male) and CSW(female)Though the names have changed they do the same job and have the same skills.The homosexuals are MSMs (men who have sex with men) and WSWs (women who have sex with women) The stray dogs are "community dogs".
The head priest of the temple would have never made a decision maker out of the 'teeter karaya" But he respected them and knew what their role in society was.The present day man with all electrinic media ,education andand readind seems to have made a mistake here!


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