Sunday, May 01, 2011

Darusman Report

The way we are reacting to UN report does not seem to be useful.Burning effigies and collecting signatures will not have any impact internationally.We too must engage a panel of experts,consisting of people with good credentials and international reputation to present our case in writing and publish it.When we say that the report is totally inaccurate we imply that allegations of human rights violation by tigers are too without basis.
I downloaded the 196 page document from the UN website.It has photographs of alleged human right violations by the Sri Lankan government.The photographs of human right violationsby LTTE ,are conspicuously missing!


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wherever we do, however factual and truthful we are, western racists and ltte supporters are unlikely to accept it bc they are not interested in truth but in attacking us and controlling us .

sooner we realize it the better.

after all if they really want justice they would have set up a commission long ago when we were suffering from ltte and helped us defeat the ltte murderers. those with good faith would also set up commissions to investigate westerns actions in iraq etc .
instead we are targeted in unjust and unequal manner.
we should reject that injustice totally if we want to be free.

only way to counter this injustice is to expose their hypocrisy and bad faith and assert ourselves as forcefully as possible. and "burning effigies and collecting signatures" etc., do play part in that effort.

we of course should look in to what happened during whole course of terrorists existence ( not just a part of it ). we, only we, should judge, if required, not others. we have already started that llrc.

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