Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sports Doctor Should Heal Himself

In present era Sri Lanka is luckyto have sports personnel in international arena.We have to abide by international rules on substances banned to be used by sports personnel.We cannot fight and change these laws.The medical chief of Sports Ministry has a great National responsibility.He is not expected to protect people compromising National interests.
In a press conference Dr.Githanjana Mentioned that if the sports personnel in the international arena wishes to obtain services of an unqualified person he will not obstruct it.Why ? In whose interest? He is paid by tax payers when holding his position.Furthermore if he tolerates an qualified person the medical unit of the ministry the Medical Council can take disciplinary action against him for associating unqualified personnel in delivering health care.
He must take an effective potion to strengthen his spine and heal himself or leave that chair so that it is occupied by a more responsible person.


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