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Meaning of Wesak

Wesak is regarded as a thrice blessed day.Buddha is supposed to have been born,enlightened and passed off on Wesak full moon day of corresponding years.Is it possible? If it happened it would have been a miracle! Buddhas teaching which depends on a high level of rationality will not bank on miracles or super human powers.
It is true that Buddha enlightened on the Wesak full moon night seated in heavy contemplation under a Bo tree (ficus religiosa) To enlighten one has to come to a timeless moment.We consume time to create a world.I will try to explain this.A cube of ice will become water in a few minutes if left at room temperature .This change goes on every millisecond .The retina of the eye is replaced with a new chemical layer during every millionth of a second.Eye is like camera taking millions of photographs in a second.These photographs have to be collated and mind has to identify the cube of ice.This is called vinnana. Reciprocal to the identification of the cube of ice mind forms "me" who sees the cube of ice.Neither the eye nor the cube of ice is static. Mind shows us a static eye looking at a static cube of ice.Without the mind one cannot see ,hear ,smell ,feel or think.One cannot see when under general anaesthetic even if the eye is kept open.Therefoer at a timeless situation there is no world there is no "me"This is what buddha experienced when he enlightened.Knowing this is not enlightment. Experiencing this is enlightment.Thus Buddha came into being and enlightened at the same moment (timeless).
That is birth end enlightment took place at a timeless situation.This was "piree"(to fill) niveema
Thus birth ,enlightment ,filling/culminating took place in a timeless situation on the Wesak full moon night 2600 years back .


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