Friday, July 29, 2011

State Bank and Private Bank

I maintain a current account in Bank of Ceylon since 1972.I have never obtained a loan or an overdraft.I have never had a cheque returned for lack of funds.I maintain a steady balance of two million rupees.My wife has another two million rupees as fixed deposits in the same bank.
I have a credit card with a purchase limit of Rs 200000/= When I requested an increase in credit limit by Rs 50,0000/= somebody who addressed me as "oya" declined to offer it.Later it was offered to me by a DGM interfering when I complained.
Recently I applied for a credit catd to HSBC.I was offered a platinum card with credit limit of Rs 500000/= without any fuss.I do not have a cent as deposits in HSBC.
People in HSBC address me as "sir' 0r "oba thuma" on the phone.I am thinking of ending all business dealings with BOC.I need not trust an establishment which does not trust me or respect me.


Blogger deeps said...

yeah, why the hell should we take trouble to worship the bank which does not support us nor give respect. Go ahead and do it!!

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But i would say HSBC will worship you and it will SUCK your blood,
Their good at SELLING only, remember my words when ur treated like crap sum day

3:21 PM  

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