Sunday, April 21, 2013

Suggestion to Bodu Bala Sena

We are close to Wesak .We are in a power crisis.The electricity bills have been increased by 60%.The State is concerned about high cost of production of electricity.The decorations carried out during Wesak in meaningless to true Buddhist.Your members who have renounced lay life to seek liberation will certainly agree with me on this. Decorations comes under  amisa pooja. Buddha never expected  us to engage in amisa pooja. Buddha wanted us to seek nibbana  which is niramisa (not perceived by five sense organs) When you enter priesthood  you requested your mentor (uppadhyayan vahanse) reciting a Pali stanza to have mercy on me and to give that yellow robe for me to follow the path of liberation..Correct me if Iam wrong!You seem to do every thing other than what you have undertaken ?
These decorations consume lot of power. Appeal to people not to consume electricity for decorations.Request authorities to ban all State sponsored  programmes like "Vesak Kalapa".Offer to organise genuine Buddhist programmes to replace these.Let niramisa replace amisa.
Bodu or Buddha means wisdom .Bala is power.Show the world power of wisdom. That is what Budda did !.Again correct me if I am wrong !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You misunderstand BBS's main objective. It is to stamp down on any other religion in the land we call Sri Lanka. Asking the GOSL to ban wesak decorations will not achieve that objective.

** Tania **

8:51 PM  

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