Saturday, October 25, 2008


Many "Budhists" will get offended with me comparing Buddha with a "layman".I do not feel guilty in doing so.Humble nature of Buddha was beyond our imagination.His tea hing shows no reason at all not to be humble.
But Buddha did not answer 10 questions of Aggi Watctchgoththa regarding world and the being.That is not pride.The reason was,the questions were irrelevant.Buddhas teaching does not refer to the world and the being.To keep mum was one technique Buddha used to impart knowledge.
Both Buddha and Tolle agree that "ego" is a mind made non entity.It is the cause of all suffering.Buddha refers to it as "sakkaya dhitthi".According to Buddha and Tolle past and future are non existent.The mind identifies one self from past and projects into future to seek salvation.In doing this the mind ignores the present which is the only thing that exists.Tolles teaching is to keep the mind in the present moment.Buddha calls this "stathi"A basic difference Tolle says present moment exists but but Buddha denies this too.Buddha boils down every thing to voidnes (shunyatha) and that whole thing is mind work (ciththena eka dhamassa) When ego is non existent what exists is termed 'being" 'presence" "essence""whole" and "formless dimension" by Tolle at different times.
Buddha has said that words are inadequate to teach dhamma and arguments will be useless to understand dhamma (atakkawachara)Perhaps Buddha used "asankahtha" ( non formed") or nibbana for what Tolle uses so many nouns and adjectives to explain.
Buddhas teaching is in universe things undergo annihilation so fast and even his teaching cannot exist and that all his teaching is a temporary measure to help people seeking enlightenment.Teaching and the teacher is to be discarded (will be automatically discarded )once enlightenment is achieved (Alagaddupama sutta: Majjima Nikaya 1).He says "ehi passiko" Look from 'my' dimension and "pacchattam vedithabbo" reailse for "your self"!


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