Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(On Vap Poya day with Meththa)

Buddhas teaching became known as Buddhism, like communism and the followers became Buddhists like communists.This denied his teachings to many.
One does not have to be Buddhist to take advantage of his teachings.Even five percepts which are symbloic of being a buddhist were not preached by Buddha.They were existing during his time and he approved it.If one learns teachings of Buddha his discipline will be much more than stipulated by five percepts. Buddha means wisdom.His teachings were about the nature.
In twentieth century we have killed thousand million of our fellow beings.Scientific development was vast and we were supposed to have got more civilised in twentieth century.
Concept of "ego" is the biggest reason for creating suffering for one self
and to others according to Buddha.Ego is created by the past,identifying one self
and future to seek salvage.Past and future are non existent.Only the present moment really exists.Time in fact is an illusion.One has to be mindful about the present moment.This solves many if not all of our problems.
Buddha never preached about rebirth.What he taught was rebeing.The concept of "me" forms with every thought.When the thought changes "me" also changes.This rebeing.There is no permenenant "me"
Final goal of the Buddhist ,nibbana, the deathless realm is not a place where one goes after death.It is an attitude developed by careful use of the mind realising that there is no one to die and that there is nothing lost at death or for that matter nothing can be lost during life.
Echart Tolle modern spiritual teacher preaches the same thing.If you think Buddha is too old fashinoned you can read Eckhart Tolle.His first book"Power of Now" can transform your life."A New Earth" is the next book.You can look up Eckhart Tolle right now in Google
Born as Christian Tolle beleives that Christanity too has suffered the same thing as Buddhism.He explains this in his books.Osho was another modern spiritual teacher who taught similar doctrine.But his writings are not so profound.
If you can follow up Stephen Hawkings (Nobel lautreate disabled physicist) in"Brief History of Time" you will have deep undertanding of our existence.It will look more meaningful.You will feel happier.You will not create suffering to others and you will not suffer any more.
Let us wipe off suffering from the Universe!


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