Sunday, October 26, 2008


" May he/she attain nibbana!" most appreciations in press about Buddhists end with this.My patients some time tell me that she attained menopause six months back. Some think that nibbana is a world where people live for ever with no bother.Nibbana is a non enjoyable(avedaitha sukkha) according to buddha.Only buddhism has the concept of non enjoyable pleasure. The final goal of Buddhists is Nibbana.Having a goal hardly understood is not appropriate.

One cannot attain nibbana.He must realise that it is there when it is there.It is all over and exists universally.According to Christians God is omnipresent. So is nibbana.In fact that is the only thing that is there in the universe.We do not see it because we cannot identify it.The being forms only with a thought.If "you" look at a orange the eye cannot show "you" a orange.An image forms in the retina of the eye and disappears with an infinity rapid speed.With new rays of light coming repeated images are formed.The mind has to come forward.A symbolic eye has to form in mind to make you feel that one constant image is there.The mind has to come forward and inform you it is a orange.This is a "sanna" .Mind you ,this is not absolute information.Someone has told you down the line that things like what "you" see is an Orange.This is editing or sankara.Now your orange impinges on a symbolic eye.This is contact (passa) The orange is mental image and so is the symbolic eye.Thus contact is a non entity.But this non entity creates "feeling"
(Vedana) which has to be a non entity.You become conscious of your seeing an orange. (vinnana) The mental image (rupa) feeling (vedana)
identifying (sanna) editing the identity (sankkhara) and consciousness (vinnana) are known as five skandhas.
At the same time you form a symbolic tongue in your mind and recall the taste of the orange.You form a symbolic body in your mind and recall the feel of the orange.You form a symbolic nose in the mind and recall the smell of the orange.You form a symbolic ear and hear the word orange.Five "skandhas" appear in all six mind bases eye ear ,nose ,tongue body and mind.Thse are called ayathana.This is the formation of the being.(Aythanan patilabho skandam paathubhawao thatho nidanam purisang)But when one happens other is over.Thus the thought is never formed.The being is never formed .There is no one to die or suffer !If you accept formation of a being then there is some body to suffer and die.Why does the being form in the mind? It is because of ignorance (avidya)The knowledge that the thought is never formed and therefore neither I nor the world exists is nibbana.But one has to experience this beyond doubt (pacchattan vedithabbo).
This knowledge is worldly wisdom (lokoththara pragna).The moment this gets converted to mundane knowledge (lokoththara pragna)
you have become enlightened.If one is mindful enough to keep contemplating this thought by thought and goes on rejecting the thought,therefore the world and therefore"me" he will become enlightened sooner or later.Once a person is enlightned there will not be any obvious difference in that person from others except his attitude which is " the truth".


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