Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Demi God & Godess Exposed

The demi god Deshamnya Lalith Kotalawala in in police custody.His wife Dr.Sicille Kotalawala is on open warrant to be arrested on arrival at Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.People applause in court house when order was pronounced.What a paradox!
It is better to study the phenomenon than criti sizing people. This is one of the biggest frauds in Sr Lankan history.The two main perpetrators got honoured by getting around politicians and using cheap publicity.The honorary titles helped them to hoodwink people with ease.
They were the first to get rid f police reports to pay motor insurance claims.The indeed closed a avenue which police and motor vehicle inspectors exploited people.They employed 45000 people.They payed insurance claims of Tsunami victims without going into hair splitting arguments on the agreement.
They were the first to market diabetes and first to market cancer in Sri Lanka.What items to market ! "Ei Lannga pilkawa katada?"The fear psychoses it creates!
They were first to purchase agricultural land block it out and sell.They created a artificial value for real estate.
They collected monthly allownces working up to millionas in one company alone
and collected gratuity for 25 years working for the company for only eighteen years.
They engage in massive tax frauds.The entire group of companies keep on drawing dud cheques.
When you go up fast you do not care how you go up.You come down very fast at a time you least expect it.
Interesting phenmenon indeed!


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