Saturday, February 14, 2009


The journalist Lasantha Wickramathunga was brutally killed in a high security zone .I do not condone any person being dealt with that way.I am reluctant to criticize people posthumously.I am just trying to make records straight. He seemed to be over stepping his mark as a investigative Journalist.His exposures went beyond proving the point he is dealing with to a malicious level.Publishing a suicide note is not ethical.Making personal life of a politicians spouse can be nothing beyond malice and mischief.
His paper deteriorated to a glorified scandal sheet.Their was no high standard if journalism in it. On 4th Janauary issue "Sunady Leader" was conspicuous in not carrying any compliments to the security forces.
He gets the discredit being the first to have "pimp ads" like "a sixty year old rich bachelor seeks lady for friendship" ,among Sri Lankan news papers.


Anonymous indi said...

I do not condone any person being dealt with that way nor do I believe in criticizing people posthumously.

If you don't believe something, don't do it. All you've done here is said you don't believe in criticizing people posthumously, and then immediately criticized a dead person.

I don't even think it's wrong to criticize dead people.

I do think it's disingenuous to say you believe something and then do the exact opposite, in the same post.

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