Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Plethora of Tests

You go to your doctor with a backache.He wants your blood cholesterol tested!Once a neighbour took his wife to a nursing home OPD with asthma in the late night.The doctor wanted an ECG taken.When it was taken the doctor wrote the prescription without scrutinising it!
Ninety five percent of the tests ordered have no relevance to the patients condition.These are ordered because the doctors benefit from them.Most of them get "kick backs" from the medical laboratories.I know this because most of the leading laboratories in Colombo came to negotiate with me about the arrangement.Some general practitioners have their own laboratory.They order blood tests even for the relations who accompany the patient!
Next time when a doctor orders an apparently irrelevant blood test query the doctor about the relevance.You have a right to know it.If the doctor gets offended find another doctor.


Blogger Gayan Balasooriya said...

Thanx for the advise and I had a experience that the doctor has started writing prescription even before I speak a word.

4:39 AM  

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