Friday, August 12, 2011


Ministry of trade has imported a stock of cement as there is shortage in the Island.The bags have an "SLS" label.The SLS Bureau says that it never issued the SLS certificate to the stock of cement and that the cement is inferior in quality.The Ministry of trade insists that the cement is of good quality.
1. There seems to be no communication among State establishments.
2. Some officials tend to overstep their authority for reasons best known to themselves. ( Trade ministry official guaranteeing the quality of cement which he is neither empowered nor qualified to do.)
3.Consumer Protective Authority is a toothless lion.(Takes up the position that it cannot take action without anyone making a complaint)
4.The consumer is at a badly disadvantageous position.
5. If cement is of poor quality it will be difficult to bring culprits to book since the structures built using the cement will take sometime to collapse killing people.


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