Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Private Medical School at Malabe

I do not see any thing wrong in starting private medical schools as long as they can maintain the standard of medical education.But the Malabe medical college which has become a national issue provokes some queries.
When they were canvassing for student admissions they said that last three years of the course will be in Russia,After several intakes of students now they are trying to organise clinical training in State hospitals of Sri Lanka.Why is this late change in policy?
Why did,nt they finalise every thing about recognition before the intake of students?
Their fee too, seems to higher than the fee of most most foreign medical schools in the region.
Their enrolling children of powerful and influential parents including GMOA members was probably a plot.They planned to use the influence recognition and access to State medical facilities through these parents.It seems to have misfired right now.But 'bulldozing' method with the blessings of State may be used to achieve the objective.


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