Sunday, August 14, 2011

Diagnosis of Death

Once when I was driving along Galle Road, there was somebody laid down on the roadside with blood stains.Police was present. I pulled on to the roadside asked an onlooker as to what was happening.The person lying down was apparently has been knocked down by a vehicle and was supposed to be dead. I asked as to why he thinks that the victim is dead.He said "Well, the police said so".I drove off .He could have been alive but unconscious. If I tried to interfere ,knowing our police,I knew that I may end up dead.
I know of a person who was knocked down by vehicle when he was riding to work.He was left as dead, covered with old newspapers. A Buddhist monk removed the news papers and had a look.His yellow robe naturally offered some resistance to police brutality.Some "gut feeling" told the monk that the man was alive.He summoned a three wheeler loaded the man into it ,despite protests of police and took him to Kalubowila Hospital.The three wheeler driver signed as the person bringing the patient,but the monk did not leave any data about his identity .The man recovered with minor disabilities.Two years after the incident he is still looking for the monk.
I told him that his efforts are futile.The monk did not naturally expect any thing in return.Obviously the monk has been spiritually highly mature.When such people do things they have no strings attached.


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