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SAITM Position in Assault of Dr.Nonis.

In a press notice SAITM refers to the assault of Dr Nonis as an "inside job".This reminds me of a hilarious yarn.
A govi rala (farmer) has a drink of toddy after a hard days work.Unfortunately he gets badly inebriated and has to be taken home by his friends.He falls asleep and gets up in the morning with a terrible hangover.He wobbles out of the bed and goes into the garden.He finds his
amude (loin cloth) on the clothes line and finds a terrible stench of faeces emanating from it and shouts Kawda do me wede kale? (Who the hell did this?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lokks like you don't approve of this institute. I have seen one 'debate' organized by a prominant TV channel on this but felt ashamed at the way a certain 'doctor' was attacking this private institute on that debate - he was not being objective but being very subjective about the whole matter. If you also don't approve, can you pls let us know the reasons for your position?

5:53 PM  
Blogger Sri Lankan Doctor said...

It started by saying that clinical training will be abroad.But changed later.
The fee is exorbitantly high.
They enrolled students before SLMC recognition and continues to do so.
They enrolled children of powerful parents with the ulterior motive of getting the parents to lobby for them.
I am not against private medical schools.GMOA has never said that they oppose private medical schools.I am a member of at least three National medical bodies incuding SLMA.I have held high offices in them.None of these bodies are against private medical education.Both my children are in the medical profession.

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am certainly glad to read that you or GMOA are not against private medical institutes. I guess then the best thing to do is to agree on a standard whereby any private institute achiving that standard can be recognized as a valid institute - same with any other profession. But unfortunately I did not see this type of common sense arguments put forward at the two debates I watched on two seperate TV channels in the last few months. The impression I (and many other general public I am sure) got was that GMOA was hellbent on not allowing any other institute to issue medical degrees taking a "holier than thou" attitude.

I hope this is not the case for the sake of not only the continuation of the profession but also progressive improvement of quality.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Dr. Neville Fernando said...

I commenced family medicine in 1959. I did home deliveries with kuppi lamp with patient lying on a mat.After everything was over and I take my bag to go home and sleep, the poor patient's relations say "salli naha". I say alright,"look after the baby"and get into the car at 2 in the morning.It paid dividends in 1977 when they gave me 28,000 votes to defeat the sitting minister of transport by 10,000 votes.I followed the advice of the Greatest Sri Lankan surgeon Dr.P.R.Anthonis who told me not to go after money,and that money will come to you when you need.This indeed was true.When the students of SAITM were to go to the Homagama hospital for their clinicals,the gmoa threatened to strike islandwide,even though I had signed a M.O.U with the ministry of health. Though I had not made financial provision I needed Rs 2000 million.for the construction of the only Non state private Teaching Hospital in the country. Banks were scared of the gmoa to give a loan till I met the Chairman of the Bank of Ceylon Dr.Gamini Wikremasinghe an educationist who started IIT which has produced thousands of IT graduates who are employed allover the world.The deputy General Manager[now General Manager] Mr. D.M Gunasekera was with him.They decided that the hospital was national need and funded me upto Rs 2000million

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