Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Buddha himself declared that his teaching is profound and brief and that no such teaching has ever being taught.(pubbe ananusuthesu dahamma).Attempts were made to mutilate his teaching even when he was alive by bhikkus like Devadthta, Sunakkantha and Saathi.Brahamins said that buddha was insane (ummaththko samano gothamo)According to Maha Parinibbana Sutththa Buddha expressed his fears to Mahakassapa thero, about the likelihood doctrine being mutilated after his death.

The salient features in his teaching are

The feeling of "ego" (that I exist) ,the world and time are illusions.

These illusions are the cause of all suffering.

The cause of illusion is ignorance.(avidhya)

As long as the ignorance is there , there will be illusion(Imasming sathi idam hotthi) and therefore suffering

The way out is radical contemplation (yathabutha gnana dassana).That is one has to be always aware that these are illusions and has to be anlysing ones mind accordingly.This will help one to acquire mundane wisdom or enlightment.(virajan veethamalalan yathabhutha ganadassanam suvusuddan ahosi) .This can be done when one is engaged in ones day to day activities.One has to focus attention on ones mind.(pacchupanatha ye dhamma :thaththa thaththa vipassathi: Baddekaraththa suththa:Majjima nikaya)

What is being done is :

Erection of huge statues and dagabas,wasting physical resources.

Singing and chanting.

Worshipping trees.

Making wows and wishes.

Organising pageants.

These are not buddhas teachings.


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