Saturday, March 07, 2009

End of Life Care

The Sri Lankans are very unreasonable by the patient in the end of life care.Some cultural factors may be behind this.Even the doctors do not seem to correct the adverse attitudes in the community.The subject itself seems to be taboo.
One must realise that death is a part of life.Good health care involves care at death too.A good doctor should be with the patient and the family during terminal illness ,at death and at mourning.An easy thing for ta layman is to think how you would like to be dealt with if you are dying.
The patent must informed about the diagnosis.There is no place for lies and conspiracy in health care.The bad news has to be broken gently and in stages.The best person for this will be your family doctor or the priest.
Once the information is conveyed most of the patients make arrangements to write a will and give instructions about organ donation and funeral arrangement's.Some of them even invite fiends and relations with whom they have strained the feelings recently for a "chat'.Some involve themselves in spritual practices.All these make their hearts lighter.It is very seldom that a patient reacts badly.In fact I have never seen that happening.People are not worried about extinction of life during terminal illness.They are more worried about pain.
On the other hand when the patient is pending death without prior warning the become very frustrated.They find fault with doctors and relations.They become abusive and restless .So let your loved ones have good life and a good death!


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