Monday, November 03, 2008


One afternoon I was walking towards my parked car.A shabbily clad man came riding a ramshackle rusty bicycle and had a fall on the center of the road.Some things that he was carrying in a plastic shopping bag were scattered all over the road.The contents were a couple of ash plantains,brinjals,about 100 grammes of green chillies ,two limes some and onions etc. Obviously it was a poor man after his marketing.
The snarling traffic was about to run over the man the cycle and his belongings.A police constable who was on duty on the side of the road came foreword ,stopped the traffic till the the man picked up the things got into the cycle and pedalled away.The drivers were grudgingly waiting cursing the police constable. If not for the policeman ,they could have whizzed passing crushing the poor mans onions ,brinjals and chillies.When the policeman came back to the roadside I told him"Hunga kalekin ralahami kenek gowravaneeya dutiyak karanawa dekka" (After a longtime I saw a policeman performing an honourable task) What I meant was every after seeing police tear gassing students,Buddhist priests and chasing poor civilians from the road when VIP motorcades were arriving,I saw something different.He looked at me in my eyes and smiled.
He is on duty on that place every day .When I pass the place he identifies my car among hundreds of cars an smiles at me.I smile back.I don't know anything about him except that he is policeman.I am not interested in finding out either.He does not know who I am.Yet for all we have built up a relationship.We have a common interest.We genuinely love people around us


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