Sunday, November 16, 2008


Yes ,of course the the slow track is fast.You are correct.This is about the behaviour of Sri Lankan drivers.The one who wants to drive slow and get into fast track says that there are Thambili vendors, vehicles being repaired on the slow track.The one who drives fast in the slow track says that the fast track is always slow.It is time that we correct ourselves.
Well over two thousand fatal accidents are reported annually.This is close upon the number of deaths caused by north east problem.This is grossly preventable.The action will not cost a cent.We have to discipline ourselves.At least let it start with owner drivers.Let us observe the law of the round about regarding the right of the way.Let us treat people waiting to cross in the Zebra crossing, with respect.I know that the private coach behind you will make it a opportunity to overtake you illegally on the Zebra crossing.
Police signaling the drivers to proceed against the red light is a bad move.If the police wants to take over the control they must switch off the traffic light.This behaviour of the police will contribute to desnsitise the driving reflexes cultivated over years.
Use the horn minimally.Never flash head lights as a signal.It is not in the highway code as a signal.
Have a compassionate attitude towards others who violate rules and put you in at a disadvantage.They are stupid ignorant and callous.
Road courtesy and discourtesy are infectious.When someone halt the vehicle and allows you to enter the main road you will halt your vehicle for the next person waiting to enter the road.If you have to struggle through speeding traffic blaring horns and flashing headlights you are unlikely to allow the next driver waiting to enter the road to do so peacefully.That needs change.
Let us give it a go and see that driving is a happy experience and see that precious human life which cannot be replaced be saved.


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