Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time is Not Precious

Time is an illusion.The human being judges the present in terms of past ,seeks salvation in future which is projected time and creates misery.Time is the cause of human suffering.Remove time from the mind and the problems dissolve.If one disregards time the timeless formless realm starts opening up.
Living through memory and anticipation is torture .Nothing ever happened in the past.Nothing will happen in future.Now is the only existing thing .Visit the past briefly to learn from the past visit the future briefly to plan.When one dwells in the past and/or future one creates psychological time or converts clock time into psychological time.
Suffering needs time.It cannot survive in the present moment. Future is always imagined as better or worse than now .Mind creates an obsession to escape into the future.The future is is a projection of the past.Time bound mind is a big problem.
Buddha was the first to realise that time was an illusion.He describes his doctrine as "akalika" which means that there is no time factor is involved.
Modern non religious spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle too agrees that time is an illusion.Most of above ideas were sourced from his book "Power of Now'


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