Friday, December 05, 2008



These were recent shocking news items.This happens in country where even internet porn is being planned to be censored. The behaviour of the Sri Lankan male leaves much to be desired.
In nature testosterone ,the male hormone is the one that creates sex drive in both sexes.Females also have male hormones in their body,in small amounts.These are produced by the supra renal glands.The female sex drive too is related to these hormone levels.Small doses of testosterone increase the sex drive and ability to achieve orgasms in women.The sex hormone on male makes him to seek sexual activity.The Sri Lankan males are sexually starved.That makes them to commit sex crimes.
Prostitution should be legalised and pornography should be liberalised.Pornography serves as a sexual outlet.In countries like Sweden and Denmark where pornography is rampant and with sex shops sex crimes are very rare.Child abuse and sex crimes are very strictly dealt with in these countries.They are very peaceful countries where human right abuses are not heard of.Being a Buddhist country prostitution is rampant in Thailand.In Thailand you do not encounter males casting dirty remarks when women are going about.It is common practice in Sri Lanka
We have to do away with hypocrisy.It is useless not to sell alcohol Poya days.A politician can get a lot of mileage from such moves.Same with the pornography issue.
A bachelor or a widower will not violate the third precept in Buddhism by engaging the services of a prostitute.Sexual misconduct is relationship with women who are being looked after by others.The prostitute on the the other hand solicits sex.If one refers a good book on Buddhism under violation of third precept one can find this information.Buddhist sciptures clearly define as to what constitutes violation of the third precept.
Prostitution was practised in India during Buddhas time in localities where he lived.He never moved to interfere with these issues.Buddha was not a social reformer.He was a reformer of the mind."Sachiththa pariyodapnam" Cleanse your mind" that was his advice.
I write this as a tee totaller a vegetarian and a person strictly adhering to five percepts.I would like to add Buddha never preached the five percepts.It was already there.He okay ed it.


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