Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quality of thr Rubella Vaccine

In all investigations conducted on the death of a girl follwing rubella vaccine, nothing much has been published about the quality of the product.This must have been discussed at some stage.

The vials shown on the TV had no production date.It had only expiry date.This is quite unusual.Packages of all drugs have the date of manufacture.This producuct not bearing date of manufacture is strange and exceptional.

Dr. (Mrs) Palihawadana, Epidemiolgist, defending the vaccine reminded me of Dr(Mrs) Bindusara, former Director National Blood Transfusion Sevice, defending the expired plasma filtration kits. The two phenomena are very similar.

The GMOA soft pedals issue when their members are involved.The key issue in this problem is the quality of the productThe GMOA is side tracking the issue by bringing in the qualfication of the medical officer who conducted the campaign


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