Monday, February 05, 2007

Sri Lankan Doctors and VIPS in Prison.
In Sri Lanka when VIPs (Very Insensitive Pariahs) get jail terms they claim that they are sick and the facilities in the prison hospital are inadeqate to deal with their conditions.They are kept in luxuriuos paying wards of the National Hospital.The medical consulatants shamelessly connive with them keep these people in hospital without declaring that they can be sent back to the prison.Millions of Rupees may be exchanging hands for the favour offered.One such person was kept in a private hospital owned by a professor of medicine.What example does he set to the medical students?One politician was pardoned by the President.The same evening he was seen adressing public rallies.The consultant who was keeping him in the National hospital implied that he was too sick to be even in the prison hospitaleven the same morning.News paper editorials commented on this.Those senior medical consultants should be ashamed of themselves!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Update on My Blogs on 16 Nov.2006 and 21 Nov 2006 (on contaminated spinal needles and amputation of babies arm) no progress was seen upto date.
No action ever will be taken ! A baby has lost a limb!
Ten mothers have lost their lives!!.Ten babies have become motherless at birth!!!This is insensitivity and collusness of highest order!!!!