Sunday, August 29, 2010

Animal Sacrfices

Maha Sangha is protesting about animal sacrfices at Munneswaram Kovil. When somebody buys fish /meat foe an almsgiving does'nt it amount to animal sacrifice for relgious
purpose ?
Internet Pornography

Much publicity is given about banning internet pornogrphy.The anxiety is about children getting exposed to it.Looking after children is the duty of the parents .State need not take over this responsibility.
There is no scientific proof that pornography has an adverse effect on mental health or morals of the community.Incidence of sexual abuse and rape are very less in countries like Denmark and Sweeden where porngraphy is rampant.In fact the incidence of sex crimes diminished when pornogaphy was made freely available.
In fact, if somebody is very sensitive to pornography he must take action to ban Chulavaggapali and Mahavaggapali of Vinaya Pitaka if Tripitaka.These scriptures explicitly describes sexual perversions .
It goes to say thes activiies were going on during Buddhas time.He did not try to ban them.He asdvised his descilpes to keep off these activiies.