Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Morning After Pill

"Postinor" nicknamed the "morning after pill" is officially allowed to sold by pharmacies without prescription.This pill is meant for emergency contraception.They are meant to be given to a rape victim or in case of a ruptured condom and meant to be taken within 72 hours of the incident.
This pill has a huge dose of a hormone called progesterone.The salesmen in pharmacies promote the pill for routine use.This results in highly irregular menstrual cycles.This happens when a woman uses the pill several times a month.This leads to unwarranted fear and expensive medical consultations
"Postinor" in fact is only a emergency contraceptive agent and not strictly a "morning after "pill. A married couple may use it when a condom breaks or when intercourse occurs without contraception in an unexpected situation.( like the husband working abroad comes home suddenly for a short visit) On the other hand if a lady has taken "Postinor"she need not worry if periods become sightly irregular.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bashing the British

Bashing the British has become the popular pastime in Sri Lanka.When Karuna went to UK with a passport forged with the help of the State,the British did not react much.Even Karuna who got a jail term was paroled.
It was we who started the war crime issue and gave them ideas.Boggles and Kohona use much restrain when they make statements.Statments made by some parlimantarians are very crude.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

WuShu Deaths

WuShu is an ancient martial art.Only two deaths have occured in performing or learning Wu Shu in the history.
Both deaths occured in Sri Lanka within a time period of two months.Both were school boys.
Do these facts convey some thing to you ?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Wesak Greeting Cards

No real Buddhists will ever greet or bless any one.The Wesak Greeting Cards came into being when the Buddhists encountered Christmas cards.The same can be said of Bhakthi Gee.It is the counter part of the Christmas carols.
Was it really that Buddha was born on a full moon day of May enlightened on the same day of the calendar and died on the same day.I don't believe it? It cannot happen.!
In real doctrine of dhamma every being is born and is dead or born while dying in a flash.To see this, is buddhahood.This really what happened on the full moon day of May at Gaya in India.The ascetic Siddhartha while contemplating under the Ficus religiosa tree in Gaya suddenly realised that there is no being.The sense of being is an illusion, that forms while undergoing destruction ( vaya dhamma).The whole human suffering is based on this.So Buddha was born ,enlightened and dead in a flash!He taught what he realised at contemplation as the doctrine.
Cards , Bhakthi Geetha and Dansal has no relevance to this occurrence!Buddhas last words were "Waya dhamma sankhara ,appamadena sampadetha"Every thing udergoes distruction while forming (not after forming) so that there is nothing formed.Formations including me and the world are illusions in the mind.Observe this wthout delay!"
There is no refernece to cards ,greetings or carols!