Sunday, October 30, 2011

Humanised Animals and Animalised Humans

I have seen dogs and cattle using the pedestrian crossing the road.They are humanised animals.The humans becoming animalised is definitely a much prevalent phenomenon than animals getting humanised.

Friday, October 07, 2011

SAITM Position in Assault of Dr.Nonis.

In a press notice SAITM refers to the assault of Dr Nonis as an "inside job".This reminds me of a hilarious yarn.
A govi rala (farmer) has a drink of toddy after a hard days work.Unfortunately he gets badly inebriated and has to be taken home by his friends.He falls asleep and gets up in the morning with a terrible hangover.He wobbles out of the bed and goes into the garden.He finds his
amude (loin cloth) on the clothes line and finds a terrible stench of faeces emanating from it and shouts Kawda do me wede kale? (Who the hell did this?)

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Assault on Registrar, Sri Lanka Medical Council

This is not simply Dr.Nonis getting assaulted.This is an insult to the entire medical profession of Sri Lanka.With an iota of grey matter one can see who the perpetrator is.It is simply that subhumans cannot tolerate humans. Subhumans cannot figure out any other way of communication other than physical.
The Registrar ,Medical Council is a prestigious position.Physical abuse of a person holding the post is a mile stone in deterioration of the morals of Sri Lankans as a Nation.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Killing the Doctors

I observe this phenomenon with much concern being a doctor in the end of the career.Three doctors were murdered during last one or two years. One was at Bandagiriya,the
lady doctor.The other one was in Eastern province during the final stages of the ethnic crisis.The latest was at Karandeniya.
The common features of all these murders were
* They were shot.
* They were on duty ,or just leaving after duty or at the duty station.
* All of them were devoted to their profession and were popular among common people.