Sunday, April 26, 2009

It is a Curse to be Poor

I was comparatively poor in one stage of my life.I can remember how people tried to exploit me and humiliate me.This stimulated to make money but only by fair means.I now understand what it means to be rich and what it means to be poor.I am in a process of renouncing some material things.Riches do not mean the same to me any more.
All the people kept by LTTE as human shields are poor and non influential.Most of the people who voted for known criminals to day are poor.They were exploited.They were prone to exploitation because of poverty.These criminals will become more powerful and exploit them further.
One can be poor and happy if one understands that material wealth is immaterial.A human beings needs only some food , clothing and shelter.Most illnesses are self limiting.Thus health care is not very important.If you have sufficient means to have two meals for the rest of your life and have access to place of shelter and some rag around your waist and tell the world ,"Look here I have every thing I need!" you are a very powerful man.Nobody can exploit you and nobody can humiliate you!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pope in a Brothel !

The large majority of candidates in the forth coming provincial elections are known thugs,crooks and criminals.The political parties are aware of the potential of this kind of personalities.
We have paedophiles,people who have violated emigration laws etc in the foyer.They may have been acquitted in courts.The peoples judgement is the most important.People know that they are guilty.
Mingled in this criminal antisocial elements are well known respectable good citizens.Prof.Ravindra Fernando ,and Srinath Perera, PC are people of this category .There may be others like them not personally known to me.
I cannot see the logic of Prof.Ravindra Fernando in this foyer.I see his presence like Pope being seen in a brothel!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why Soorya Managallaya for New Year?

Since of late some media institutions call the Sinhala and Tamil New Year the 'Soorya Mangallaya".It is an unsavoury name.I know that the festival has some astrological implication involving the sun.
This new term makes us forget that Sinhala and Tamil people share a common festival.Who have made Sinhala and Tamil people to kill each other?The politicians ,of course!The motive?To implement their political agendas !
I personally feel very comfortable with Tamil people though I do not speak the language.I have large circle of Tamil friends.I am a Sinhalese Buddhist.
I hope the present problem will end .We paid a heavy price in terms of loss of life and creating misery.When and if it resolves let us not walk into traps set by Tamil or Sinhala politicians again.
Let us enjoy the festival together and plan to live together peacefully ignoring all politicians.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Who Created the World? I did!

If somebody asks me as to who created a the world my reply would be That "I" did it! I will quickly go on to say that "I" is only a concept.
Our basic problem is that we trust our cognitive system.Our cognition is really cock eyed.Nothing really exists.Things are in a process of destruction rather than existence.If my handkerchief will not be there in ten years (it would have perished by then)well it is in a process of destruction rather than existence.An image of that forms in the retina of my eye.The image immediately disappears and a fresh one is formed.The retina is another non existing like the handkerchief."The retina and the handkerchief" like two trains crossing.I have to make use time (millions of images) and find out its name from the "file"in the cognitive system.By the time the name surfaces the' images" and "retinas" are gone since retina chemically changes every split second.The smell,texture,noise ( may be when you flip it) taste surfaces in the mind.An "I" is formed with sense of vision ,hearing,contact ,taste and smell.To reciprocate this a world too forms.Both "I" and "world" undergoes destruction while forming so that the end result is a void.The world and "me"are thus illusions formed by the cognitive system.In the cognitive system every thing is relative nothing is absolute.Buddha taught this as "Chiththena neeythie loko" the mind forms the world.Buddha never taught a religion.There is no worshipping.There is no praying.Temples, praying worshipping are products of the cartel called the religion. The priests of all relgions survive thanks to the gullibility of the average man.An inteeligent being like the human does not need relgions,temples ,churches kovils and priests.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Health Ministers Poor Knowledge of Health

Recently I listned to the Minister of Health adressing a gathering.He was speaking on the subject of immunisation.He said if the immunisation programme falls into disrepute, people will refuse to immunise children and more and more mongols will be born!
He does not know that vaccines do not prevent birth of mongols.A student in O/L class will know this!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Funny Conclusions

Incident:JVP election campaign offices vandalised in Pannipitiya area.
Coclusion:Done by themselves to gain popularity

Incident:Provivcial Council election candidate s child abducted.
Conclusion: Done by himself to gain popularity.

Incident: Girl falls sick immediately after reieving ruballa vaccine and dies in 24 hours
Conclusion: Cause of death has nothing to do with vaccine.