Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Good Job

The younger doctors registrar and lower are generally duty conscious.Some thing terrible happens to them when they become consultants.Whatever said and done ,a thing done well has to be admired.
A regular patient came to a GP at about 9 am.The GP suspeted him to be having a heart attack.Though the patient had some means he advised the patient to go sraight to National Hospital, Colombo.A week later the patient was coming back to the GP with a file.The GP thought that he was about to get an earful.On the contatrary the patient profusely thanked the GP for proper guidance,mentioning the probable amount of hard earned money he saved.
He said the hospital doctors wanted you to study this file .Every now and then the patient sees the GP and updates him on the follow up care he recieves he recieves in the hospital clinic.What a pleasant situation props up when intelligent greatful patients come across duty conscious devoted doctors !

Things Done Well

Though in general terms Sri Lankan health sector is putrid both in private and private sector,one comes across gems of doctors.A GP friend of mine referred a patient to a professor of sugery for bleeding from rectum.He had haemorrhoids which were promptly attended to,but while exmining this pstient with finger inserted to rectum the professor noted that this patients prostrate gland was unusually hard, which had nothing to do with the presnting complaint.This feature alerted him on possible dormant cancer of protrate.He invited a urology coleague in his Department who confrmed the doubt.A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis.They engaged the services of an oncologist (specialist dealing with cancer) the whole thing was dealt in two months.The patient escaped death! The ever greatful patient now attends the clinic for follow up once in three months.
All these were done for no personal gain but only with a deep sense of duty and commitment.
We should be proud of these medical men.May their tribe incrase.!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Post graduate Instituition Of Medicine

A candidate who sat for MS in eye surgery and unsucessful filed action in courts.The court ordered the candidate to be passed.This is the credibility of the PGIM.
One examiner for DFM used to sell the question paper to selected candidates.
What can be thought about the degrees offered by PGIM?

Fast Track Consultations in Galle Too

If you want to see the cosnultant pay twice the fee !This service is available in Galle tooo now!And this is done by a doctor who qualfied in a socialist country.