Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Demi God & Godess Exposed

The demi god Deshamnya Lalith Kotalawala in in police custody.His wife Dr.Sicille Kotalawala is on open warrant to be arrested on arrival at Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.People applause in court house when order was pronounced.What a paradox!
It is better to study the phenomenon than criti sizing people. This is one of the biggest frauds in Sr Lankan history.The two main perpetrators got honoured by getting around politicians and using cheap publicity.The honorary titles helped them to hoodwink people with ease.
They were the first to get rid f police reports to pay motor insurance claims.The indeed closed a avenue which police and motor vehicle inspectors exploited people.They employed 45000 people.They payed insurance claims of Tsunami victims without going into hair splitting arguments on the agreement.
They were the first to market diabetes and first to market cancer in Sri Lanka.What items to market ! "Ei Lannga pilkawa katada?"The fear psychoses it creates!
They were first to purchase agricultural land block it out and sell.They created a artificial value for real estate.
They collected monthly allownces working up to millionas in one company alone
and collected gratuity for 25 years working for the company for only eighteen years.
They engage in massive tax frauds.The entire group of companies keep on drawing dud cheques.
When you go up fast you do not care how you go up.You come down very fast at a time you least expect it.
Interesting phenmenon indeed!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Plethora of Tests

You go to your doctor with a backache.He wants your blood cholesterol tested!Once a neighbour took his wife to a nursing home OPD with asthma in the late night.The doctor wanted an ECG taken.When it was taken the doctor wrote the prescription without scrutinising it!
Ninety five percent of the tests ordered have no relevance to the patients condition.These are ordered because the doctors benefit from them.Most of them get "kick backs" from the medical laboratories.I know this because most of the leading laboratories in Colombo came to negotiate with me about the arrangement.Some general practitioners have their own laboratory.They order blood tests even for the relations who accompany the patient!
Next time when a doctor orders an apparently irrelevant blood test query the doctor about the relevance.You have a right to know it.If the doctor gets offended find another doctor.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


The journalist Lasantha Wickramathunga was brutally killed in a high security zone .I do not condone any person being dealt with that way.I am reluctant to criticize people posthumously.I am just trying to make records straight. He seemed to be over stepping his mark as a investigative Journalist.His exposures went beyond proving the point he is dealing with to a malicious level.Publishing a suicide note is not ethical.Making personal life of a politicians spouse can be nothing beyond malice and mischief.
His paper deteriorated to a glorified scandal sheet.Their was no high standard if journalism in it. On 4th Janauary issue "Sunady Leader" was conspicuous in not carrying any compliments to the security forces.
He gets the discredit being the first to have "pimp ads" like "a sixty year old rich bachelor seeks lady for friendship" ,among Sri Lankan news papers.

Monday, February 09, 2009


I never liked the self appointed peoples channel "Sirasa".I do not condone criminal vandalism of a media institution either. I of course admired their exposing plasma filtration kit racket in blood bank,Mavilaru fraud and similar acts of corruption.Sirasa" was the root cause of deterioration of Sri Lnkan TV channels just as much Seylan Bank was the root cause of deterioration of Sri Lankan Banking sector.Their policy was to be"cheap" to be popular."Sirasa" was undermining Sri Lankan values drastically.Their dubbed Indian teledramas poison the minds of masses.Children have started addressing parents as "oya" and referring to paents as "eya".These are found in dialogue of these teledramas.Thse have no artistic value and center around adultery ,blackmailing ,abortions,etc.Women get highly addicted to these and neglect their household duties.They do not even speak to their husbands when they come back from work and they get attracted to alcohol.The buddhist monks get addicted to them and they are invited for sermons they come after their favourite teledrama or get back to temple before it starts!Even the national TV has taken their bad example and has undergone deterioration.The National TV should also be blamed for blindly following a bad example.The priests and house wives too of course should be blamed for neglecting their duties .They show dances like night club dances.Sri Lanka has a rich dancing culture.Swinging your hip wearing scanty cloths is not dancing!They are pro LTTE.You do not have to be an expert to understand it. They show anti Sri Lankan demonstrations in Tamilnadu as a special segmant in news without including that in their "99 seconds around the world"
What happened to their security cameras on the day of alleged attack?What happened to Rs 7.5 million reward?How is that every thing necessary to carry on transmission,including the soap operas were miraculously saved at the alleged attack?