Monday, June 27, 2011


This is an important issue.Agriculture and health authorities have to give ruling without undue delay.Is there arsenic in soil and rice?Does Sri Lankan soil inherently have arsenic.Has the arsenic that is there has come from pesticides?If the level is harmful what National measures are taken.
in an article in "Lakadeepa" Professor Nalin de Silva has discovered arsenic level by super natural methods using a Buddhist lady who meditates.Arsenic level is unimportant within profound teachings of Buddha.He refers to all foreign scientists with the humiliating name "Suddda"Scientists are in search of truth.They do not call humiliating names to people (Vidya dadathi vinayang) He is playing to the gallery.I am asking whether Achan Brahmawangso,Bhikku Bodhi, Colnel Olcott,Bhikku Gnaponika were not "Suddas"In there writings Sir Isaac Newton .Einstein and Stephen Hawkins never called humiliating names to others.
All intersded scintists should cme to a consensus about methof of analysis and come to a cosensus an d make public statement.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jackson Anthony's Remarks

In a recent function Jackson Anthony remarked that the present head of State is a descendant of King Suddodana ,Buddhas father. Jackson Anthony being a Christian should have used better discretion in making a statement about a Holy figure in somebody else's religion.If he made a comment like Hon .Minister of Justice is a descendant of Prophet Mohamad ,the outcome would have been different.Buddhists and Hindus are non violent and tolerant.
I do not expect Buddhist clergy to comment about the Statements.But the silence of Buddhist clergy who comment about about even things like pesticides is deafening.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Did Arahath Mahinda Introduce Buddhism to Sri Lanka ?

The answer is "No" ! Buddha visited Sri Lanka on three occasions.On all these occasions he must have preached something.Buddha does not preach anything except dhamma.Mahayana scriptures have records of a scripture named "Lankavatara Sutta"It is said have been preached to king Ravana at Adams Peak.Apparently there has been several king Ravanas by way of a dynasty.The sutta contains Buddhas teachings in the most profound form.However"Lankavatara sutta" has not been featured in the Theravada Pali cannon.
Arahat Mahinda was responsible for establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka but he did not introduce Buddhism to Sri Lanka.It was done by Buddha himself.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Transferring of Merit(pin anumodan Kireema): Is it Possible ?

The answer is "no"!.Merit is a mental formation. (sanskara) So are your self and the person to whom you are going to transfer the merit.There is no person (anattta) in Buddhism and Buddha never spoke of rebirth but only of re being ."Punabbhavo" was the Pali word.There is no merit or demerit in Buddhas doctrine for these too are mental formations. Concept of dualism ,two extremes eg .good/bad, near/far, (ubhaya antho) too is not referred to in the Buddhas doctrine ,just like the "person".What is referred to is skill and non skill (kusal/akusal).
This does not mean not to offer food or not to help people.Do them for the sake of doing them, without strings attached (avyakrutha) but not for your benefit or the benefit of your relation.Do not make it like crediting funds to your bank account or your beneficiaries account.Buddhas teaching is so profound that "your" benefit or the "beneficiaries" benefit is too trivial to be considered within the scope of Buddhas profound teachings.
The priests promote these activities for their benefit or due to ignorance of the teachings.Most priests do not respect the intelligence of the audience when preaching.Intelligence is not being educated or sophisticated.Buddha regarded Sopaka ,the town scavenger intelligent enough to realise the ultimate truth (nibbana) and addressed him with respect.Despite these short comings we must unconditionally look after the priests by making food, clothing shelter and medicine available to them.
Buddha had great compassion (maha karuna) for each one of us ,without exception.His parting remark was appamadena sampadetha, strive without delay to seek truth which means end of suffering.He never remarked about the kind of life you lives up to now.There is no discrimination whatsoever!Just like "self" merits/demerits ,duality time too does not exist in Buddhas doctrine(akalika). Therefore what you have been up to now is immaterial.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Muthuhettigamas Query.

When a group of young Buddhist monks were engaged in a anti government demonstration Nishantha Muthuhettigama was shown on the TV querying whether they got the Mahnayaka Theros permission .Why didn't he ask the question when Buddhist monks were taking part in pro government demonstrations ?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Ugly Womans Chastity (Katha Genige Pathiwurathawa)

Mahinda Balasuriya in any case due to retire on 18th of June.His resignining.on free trade zone issue reminds me of Sinhala proverbial Katha Genige Pathiwurathawa !

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Indecent Hurry:Private Sector Pension and Leadership Training

During the times of poor transport and communication facilities there was a strategy in dealing with boundary disputes in blocks of land.The more resourceful person of the two people in dispute will secretly stock a large amounts of cement ,bricks and sand and have a large group of workmen ready.He will start putting up a parapet wall along the boundary ,with dispute around 10 pm.The aggrieved party goes to the police station to complain as there are no telephone facility. He may take several hours to reach the place.By the time the police arrives the wall is complete.Court action is filed which takes decades.The illegal wall will stay .
The indecent hurry involved in trying to push through private sector pension scheme and implementing leadership training for undergraduates ,are analogous to this strategy.