Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Deshmanya Sakwithi Ranasinhe has done the vanishing trick.Deshamanya means pride of the Motherland.So let us be proud about it! Apaarently the guy did not carry the money away from the country.The pathological gambler he is he lost them at casino !
When I was a teenager my father used to tell me people who have gun liscences and those who have been summoned for jury service can be judged as honourable because these are offered only after thorough scrutiny..Gun licence theory I had to reject when all politicians were getting them!Jury service theory may be still valid at least to some extent. Later I learned that All JPs are crooks and that unless you are a crook you will not be made a JP.
But what about Presidential honours?.A'rnt they given after scrutinising the integrity of the subject.Does any mothers son who doles out some money get it?
A good policy is not to have any thing to do with a man who has Presidential honours.He has to be assumed a crook unless proved otherwise

Monday, September 22, 2008


All big business tycoons have a hand in health industry in Sri Lanka.They know that the investments is highly profitable.Harry Jaywardana (Apollo) Softlogic (Asri,Central) Tudawe (Durdans) Dharmadasas (Navaloka)Edirisinghes (Oasis) Lalith Kotalawala(Golden Key & Park Road)Usufally ( Hemas Drugs,Hospital Coming up at Wattala,Southern Hospital,Galle)).In the meantime Abans,Chandra Senanayka, Andrew Karyawasam are importing pharmaceuticals for a start.This development is good as well as bad.

Good side is it will give employment to doctors.From 2010 State will not be able to absorp doctors coming out of six medical schools and those returning after qualifying abroad.But these hospitals will prefer to take in Colombo educated elite. They will prefer the lady doctors.These doctors will hardly have a chance to do any postgraduate studies as private sector appointments do not fulfil reqisites for postgraduate work.They will be a new breed of doctors.Offspring of many of friends belong to this category.

Bad side will be humane aproach will be lost.It already has!Non relevent expenisive investigations will be done.They are being done even now like ordering a CT scan to investigate a headache of two days duration.Unnecessry surgical operations will be done.It happens even now ,simply when every mother undergoes Ceasarian operations in privare sector.Oassis already offering male organ enhancing surgery and breast enhancing surgery.Lot of advertising will be there to create fear psychosis,like" mee langa pilikawa katada?"
Health care expense of middle class will sky rocket.Same thing has happened to education because of inernational schools.To generate more income more bribery and corruption will prop up.Living will become very complicated and expensive.There will be more suicides ,drug addiction and pchychitric morbidity and lot of unhappiness.Business tycoons will open up more private hospitals and the vicious cycle will go on.
We were in a generation to recieve quality free education,free health care of a reasonable standard.We had role models to set examples to us when we looked around.We have lived happy contended lives.
It is reasonable to feel sorry for the next generation.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


When HE the President promoised to provide cubicles for priests in court houses ,I am sure ,he did not mean to do it,or he did not have the foggiest idea about our court houses.In Hultsdorf ,the Mecca of Law of Sri Lanka,even the lady lawyers are keeping standing as there is a problem of space and sitting accomodation.It is not at all practical to accomplish this.many court houses are extremely delapidated buildings,not adequte in size for the purpose.
I have been to many court house of Sri Lanka to give medical evidence.During the time Suhada Gamlath,Secretary to the Ministry of Justice was a junior State Council.I have offered lifts to him in my car many times back to Colombo from outstation court houses

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ven .Ellawala Medhanandas Stupid Comment.

"Buddhist monks never stood up even in the presence of kings".He is speaking about a different era.An era wher even Arhaths were plunged in boillng oil and killed.He is incapable of speaking in context.
It is noteworthy that Christian and Hindu priests declared that they have no reservations about rising to respect a judge.
Ven. Ellawala is making the buddhist clergy (maha sangha) the laughing stock

Monday, September 08, 2008


Some questions remains to be answered.

(1) If female employees remain in premises after work what measures have beeen taken by the empolyer for their safety? This has to be investgated by the Labour Department.
(2) Why didnt the employer make a complaint to the police or for that matter did not summon the police?
(3) What is the special unit dealing crimes against women doing?
(4) Where are the womens rights activists?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The CJ & the Buddhist Monks

The CJ was correct when he asked the monks to leave courts after they did not rise on arrival of the judges.If I were in CJs postion I would have put them in the cell till the end of court proceedings.
Monks have no business to demand respect once they are in courts.They have volountarily moved into a vulnerable area.
I am a practising Buddhist.The monks are supposed to follow the noble eightfold path one of which is samma sankappa which encompasses non hatred (avyapada)and renounciation(nekkhamma).If one practices renounciation why should one go to courts to protect ones rights.One has given up all ones rights once one has pledged to practice renounciation!
CJ has a profound understsnding on Buddhist doctirine and he is working according to his consience.
Priests( Buddhist) are trying to become a category above the law.They are already two categories above the law already
(1) Politicians
(2) Their goons eg. Kudu Nuwan
We cannot tolerate a third group!