Sunday, May 27, 2007


Many surgeons and gynaecologists spouses are radilogists.Many ladies select this discipline since there is no night work.Their husbands insists all their patients get a ultrasonic scan form them(in private sector).The referral note is written in maiden name so that patient will not realise the pact between husband and wife.One surgeon has rubber stamp of a referral note prepared with his wifes maiden name !

Friday, May 18, 2007

Corporate Philanthropy

This phenmenon is prevalent in third world countries like ours.They come as things like "heart walk" or "awreness programmes" on days like world diabetic day.Emininent medical persnolaties are invited to participate.Sponsoring is done by pharmaceutical industry.During the event they get the advantage of getting
access to people who are potential users of their products.This is an undue advantage.
The sponsors taker the advatage of the fact that the State is devoid of funds to finance such activities.